Denmead War Memorial Hall

Conditions of Hire

Confirmation of Bookings

1. The Hiring Agreement must be completed in full and returned to the Bookings Secretary (See here for contact details).

2. Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a duly completed Hiring Agreement, together with the Deposit, (being 50% the total hire charge or as otherwise agreed by the Management Committee).

3. The Hirer must confirm any provisional bookings made within 14 days by completing and returning this Hire Agreement together with the required Deposit and Damage Deposit.

Individual Bookings

4. In the case of a one-off function or event the Hirer must give not less than seven days notice to cancel this Agreement and the Deposit will be forfeited if such notice of cancellation is not given and another hirer does not subsequently book the whole of the cancelled Hire Period.

5. Where a cancelled Hire Period is subsequently booked by another hirer the Deposit plus the Damage Deposit will be returned in full less any reasonable charge made in respect of administrative expenses.

Regular Bookings

6. Where a number of regular bookings are made in advance during the year (“Regular Bookings”) payment for the hire of the Premises must be made:-

6.1 At least one month in advance, where the hire of the Premises is on a monthly basis.

6.2 At least 7 days in advance, where the hire of the Premises is on a weekly or twice-weekly basis or at such intervals in advance as may otherwise be agreed by the Management Committee.

7. Non-payment of an advance fee for a Regular Booking will render that booking cancelled and this Agreement will automatically end (without prejudice to the alternative rights of the Management Committee to otherwise end this Agreement) should the Hirer fail to pay two consecutive advance fees.

8. Where the Premises are to be hired for Regular Bookings the Damage Deposit will be retained until the expiry of this Agreement and may be used at any time during the Hire Period should the conditions set out in 15.1 to 15.3 below not be complied with.

9. If any part of the Damage Deposit is used due to the non-compliance of the Hirer with the provisos set out in condition 15 below during the Hire Period the Hirer may be required to provide additional sums to make up the Damage Deposit so used. Failure to provide any additional sums required within 14 days of a request will automatically end this Agreement unless otherwise agreed with the Management Committee.

10. In the case of Regular Bookings the Hirer may determine this Agreement by one months written notice to the Management Committee. Refund of fees for any periods missed with prior notice shall be at the Management Committee’s discretion.

General Conditions

11. Where the booking for an event takes place within 7 days of the start of the Hire Period payment must be made in full at the time of the booking.

12. If the agreed Hire Period is exceeded, additional charges at an appropriate rate may be levied at the discretion of the Management Committee.

13. The Management Committee reserves the right to inspect without notice the Premises at any time during the Hire Period to ensure that the activity carried on by the Hirer is within the terms of this Hire Agreement and is not in breach of any of these conditions.

14. The Management Committee gives no warranty of the suitability of the hall (“the Hall”), any associated rooms, grounds, parking area or additional facilities provided to the Hirer under this Agreement (together referred to throughout this Agreement as “the Premises”) for the use to which the Hirer intends to put them.

15. The Damage Deposit will usually be refunded to the Hirer within 14 days following the end of the Hire Period provided that the Premises are:

15.1 Left in good order with no damage or breakages.

15.2 Vacated promptly at the end of the Hire Period.

15.3 Left in a clean and tidy condition ready for the next hiring.

16. An additional charge may be made in the event that the Damage Deposit already paid is insufficient to cover the costs of repairs after damage to the Premises and/or cleaning of the same.

17. The Hirer acknowledges that this is a Licence to use the Premises at the times agreed on the booking form only and no relationship of Landlord and Tenant shall be created between the Management Committee and the Hirer.

18. The Management Committee reserves the right to cancel or amend bookings where these conditions have been breached or where it may be required to do so to comply with any regulation bylaws or legislation or for use by the Local Authority as polling station or in the event the unavoidable maintenance is required to the Premises without being liable to account to the Hirer.

19. In the event of the Premises or any part being rendered unfit for the use for which it was being hired the Management Committee may end this Agreement and shall not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever

The Hirer undertakes:-

20. To indemnify the Management Committee against any liability for injury to persons, damage to property, all actions, costs or claims which may arise during or resulting from its use of the Premises.

21. Not to use the Premise for any purpose other than that as stated in this Agreement nor to sub-let or to allow the Premises to be used for any unlawful purpose nor do anything which may damage the same or invalidate any related insurance policies or licences.

22. To ensure that the maximum capacity of the Hall (being 130 persons seated and 225 standing) shall not be exceeded under any circumstances.

23. To ensure that all licences required for the proper performance of this Hiring Agreement are obtained prior to the commencement of the Hire Period including but not limited to Liquor licences, catering licences or similar. The Hirer shall also be required to give the Management Committee advance notice of any intended performances.

24. To be responsible for the public during the Hire Period and ensure that all conditions of any Public Entertainments Licence or Stage Play Licence (and any other relevant licences) relating to the management and supervision of the Premises are met.

25. The Hirer must vacate the Premises as quietly as reasonably practical and (subject to condition 26 below) remove all property not belonging to the Management Committee immediately following the end of the Hire Period (or where the Premises are to be used on a regular basis, at the end of each individual session) or in any event no later than 11.30 pm.

26. Where the Management Committee has agreed to the storage of items by the Hirer on the Premises under this Agreement the Hirer must comply with the following additional conditions:-

26.1 The Storage Fee as indicated on the booking formt must be paid monthly in advance.

26.2 The items stored shall be located in areas as notified from time to time by the Management Committee to the Hirer and the size of the area permitted shall not be exceeded except with the prior permission of the Management Committee. Any permitted increase in the size of the area may result in the revision of the Storage Fee rate accordingly.

26.3 No flammable or dangerous substances shall be stored on the Premises at any time.

26.4 The Hirer will be responsible for making arrangements to insure the items being stored and acknowledges that items are stored at the Hirer’s own risk and that the Management Committee will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage sustained to the same while on the Premises (howsoever occurring).

27. To be responsible for all damage to the Premises howsoever caused during the Hire Period and for the behaviour of all persons attending the Premises and for ensuring that no nuisance is caused inside or outside the Premises or to neighbours of the Premises.

28. To be responsible for making arrangements to insure against any third party claims which may lie against the Hirer or his/her organisation whilst using the Premises and to produce a copy of the same to the Management Committee upon request.

29. To ensure that no stiletto or pointed heeled shoes are to be worn by anyone using the Hall.

30. To ensure that smoking does not take place anywhere on the Premises (with the exception of the parking area and grounds) during the Hire Period.

31. To comply with the Health and Safety Policy of the Management Committee (a copy of which has been made available to the Hirer) and be aware of all requirements in the case of an emergency, including the location and use of fire fighting equipment and the escape routes and the calling of the fire brigade to any incident of fire (however slight) and details given to the Booking Secretary or Chairman for the time being of the Management Committee.

32. To ensure that all fire exits are kept clear from any obstruction at all times.

33. Subject to Condition 34 below the Hirer is a person of 21 years of age or over and that at least two responsible adults will be supervising the function throughout the Hire Period where persons under the age of 21 are using the Premises.

34. Where the Premises is being used primarily by those under the age of 16 that the number of supervisors shall not be less than that laid down by law for the age group concerned and that the Hirer has undertaken the necessary legal checks and approvals to those supervising/attending.

35. To ensure that the emergency lighting supply illuminating all exit signs and routes will be turned on throughout the Hire Period as appropriate.

36. To comply with all conditions regulations bylaws or legislation relating to the hiring of the Premises.

37. To indemnify the Management Committee in respect of the cost of repair for any damage done to any part of the Hall including the fabric of the Hall itself, the fixtures and fittings and contents thereof the grounds driveways fences and/or markers and any other damage to any property belonging to the Management Committee howsoever caused.

38. As soon as reasonably practical following arrival at the Hall to inform the booking secretary of any damage found of which the Hirer has not been made aware. Failure to do so shall make the Hirer liable for the damage.

39. To leave the Premises in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the Hire Period (or where the Premises are being used on a regular basis at the end of each individual session), with all furniture returned to the furniture storeroom.
The Hirer must also ensure that:-

39.1 The tables are cleaned.

39.2 The Chairs are stacked 10 high.

39.3 The refrigerator and gas water heater are left on.

39.4 The heaters are switched off

39.5 All windows and external doors are properly shut

39.6 The cookers electric water heaters and extractor fans are switched off.

40. Not to bring onto the Premises or store any valuable articles or objects of any kind or any flammable or dangerous materials.

41. That where the combination door lock has been given the Hirer must not under any circumstances disclose to any third party the said combination without the express written permission of the Management Committee.

42. Not to use the car parking facilities at the Hall other than for the duration of the Hire Period only and at no other times.

Contact Details:- See here for contact details.